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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 27, Anna rated it really liked it Shelves: gardening-homesteading. I enjoyed this book, but I read the whole thing and made a batch of sauerkraut using one of the recipes, all in less than an hour. It looks like the other edition is much expanded and probably more worth the price tag.

Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation (DIY) (Paperback)

Kinda confusing I enjoyed this book, but I read the whole thing and made a batch of sauerkraut using one of the recipes, all in less than an hour. Kinda confusing for the uninitiated Dec 14, Margaret Schlachter rated it it was amazing. Little reference book I got with the Art of Fermentation. I also own Wild Fermentation as well and all three are great to have around. Dec 18, Duncan Reed rated it it was amazing Shelves: lifestyle.

Really great to own just as a fan of fermentation and a fan of Sandorkraut.

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If you are new to fermentation I'd recommend you buy the much expanded version of this with the mostly pink cover published by Chelsea Green - in this version the recipes can be quite vague, whereas in the other they are easier to follow for newbies. I loved this little book. I read the book cover to cover while I was on a trip. I have wanted to try making sourdough bread and now I am ready to try it. Instructions are easy to follow and you feel like you are learning from the author's personal experiences.


May 30, SuZanne rated it it was amazing. What a great, handy little book filled with simple recipes for how to ferment all kinds of things from cabbage to cucumbers to miso, and lots more. Definitely a book to keep on the shelf and use over and over. And my sauerkraut turned out lots better after following Sandor's recipe.

Jun 20, Aleksandra rated it really liked it. An interesting and helpful, well-written guide for those interested in natural food. Nov 01, Josie rated it really liked it Shelves: functional. A handy pocket guide. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads This book is amazing!!!

I love the recipes included and all the extra information provided!

Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation (DIY)

Jun 07, Bridget Johannes rated it really liked it. A neat, little booklet with straightforward recipes. I'm excited to try the miso! However, I wouldn't recommend it for an in-depth exploration of fermentation; I'll have to find another book for that.

Wild Fermentation: A Do-It Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation

Mar 09, Heywu rated it liked it Shelves: cookbooks , Yogurt and pickle recipes seem promising. Victor rated it liked it Dec 09, Ian Wuscher rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Laura rated it really liked it Aug 29, Wendy rated it really liked it Nov 18, Amy rated it liked it Jul 03, Jordan Palmer rated it really liked it Feb 21, Pinky rated it liked it Dec 20, Peter rated it liked it Apr 14, Rowan rated it it was ok Feb 14, Nora rated it really liked it Jun 13, Anthonio rated it did not like it Apr 13, The result of rich, tart, and truly unique.

This type of fermentation occurs when beer is exposed to wild bacteria and yeast. Sour Brainless on Peaches, Release No. Featured Products Obsessed with Brewing. Wooden barrels are often used by brewers in the production of sour beer, not just for aging, but fermentation as well. Sour beers have become one of the most important segments of craft beer. Crisp beers are lighter, cleaner in flavor, and crisply refreshing. Lambics are sour beers fermented by open fermentation to allow wild yeast and bacteria to alter the flavors of the beer into sour.

This 7. Aging the beer in these various types of barrels for several months will create a new depth to these beers by adding lots of rich flavor ex.

PDF Wild Fermentation: A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation (DIY) Free Books

Sour Barrel Aging Sour barrel aging is a post-fermentation process that uses bacteria and brettanomyces to add acidity and funkiness spicey, earthy, horsey, fruity , as well as further age a beer. I tried my first sour English beers are rarely thought of as being sour, but there is a long history of sour beers in England. However, as with all modern craft beer, there is plenty of room for innovation and experimentation, as Fruit Lambics can be brewed with any type of fruit — from mango to pawpaw. This three-page guide to brewing your first sour beer provides the basics including brewing steps, recipes, and strain selection options for beginning homebrewers looking to brew their first sour beer.

These barrels work well with strong, sweet stouts that can hold up to the biting, acidic characteristics of the liquor. I tell people to put it in the coolest spot in your house or buy an extra refrigerator and do it in a refrigerator.

Such is the life of employees that work at a place that makes crazy delicious barrel aged sours and non sours under the same roof! Our space is dedicated to the conditioning of barrel-aged sour beers. Michael Tonsmeire joins me this week to discuss aging beer in barrels as well as how to barrel age sour beers.

Our bottles of sour beer are ready for consumption when we release them, however, aging bottles of sour beer can be a fun and exciting experience. They tasted like my teavana teas.

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  • Next it spent extended aging time on generous amounts of watermelon, which comes through in the nose and on the palette. Pomology Blueberry is a beautiful purple color and was created by aging a sour ale on wild Maine blueberries. Over time, it develops additional complex characteristics from a number of influences. Delicate fruit : While not particularly malty or hoppy, these styles show a bit of fruit flavor—like green apple, berries or pear—from the employment of ale yeast.

    Justin Kennedy on why, plus the five most sought-after expressions. Terreux Tasting Room offers a more spacious palette and a new way to experience your beer — enjoy in our rustic-modern indoor setting or take it outside and enjoy sunny Southern California on our patio. Pediococcus lends a harsher, more unpredictable sour taste and is commonly used in beers like Lambics and Flanders Reds.

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    All of them are brown sour ales. Over time, I've come to crave sour beers like one does the endorphin rush from a hot sauce bottle adorned with skulls and crossbones. The latter often involves aging in wood with a mix of microbes, and, most of all, time. This bad boy combines the spiciness of rye in the malt and peppery notes that blend in with hints of cherry tartness, all rounded out by the time it spent aging in red-wine barrels.

    More Oak Tips. Added Cherry puree to secondary and put a wooden plug in the carboy. That was not always the case. A moderate temperature is best in my experience anywhere from the low 60s up into the 70s. Wood-Aged Sour Beer: Quiescence means a state of stability, inactivity, or prelude. The sour brewers started a new experiment last week trying out a wide variety of organic dried fruits to see if there are changes in flavor and aroma. Next door is the barrel room, which houses wine casks for aging sour beer. Though this is a relatively new concept, as the growth and interest in craft beer is much newer than wine, aging beer can reap tremendous benefits if done correctly.

    The inside of the barrel also provides a rough surface on which bacteria and yeast can grow and thrive. From imperial stouts to lagers, almost every beer style on Earth is now being aged in wood. Im almost 3 months into it. The new airport location will also increase national exposure for the brewery. Bob V. Using the solera method of blending and aging, this ale is complex, tart and earthy with notes of vanilla and tannin from the oak aging process.

    Savage Oak is the brand for our Wild and Sour beer program. We tried both flights to see what draws out those sour tastebuds.