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New York: Columbia University Press, Lehan, Richard D.

Scott Fitzgerald and the Craft of Fiction. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, One of the best early books on Fitzgerald by one of his most astute critic-scholars.

Excellent explications of the novels and some perceptive comparisons among Fitzgerald, Faulkner, and Hemingway. Miller, James E. Wells, H. Includes worthwhile analyses of each of the five novels.

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Mizener, Arthur. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Originally published in Remains the single best comprehensive critical study, with extensive and informed text-based analyses of each of the five novels. Less attention is paid to the Short Fiction and Nonfiction , but virtually all the writing is mentioned. Perosa, Sergio.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Art of F. Translated by Charles Matz and Sergio Perosa. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, Originally published in Italian in Emphasis on thematic resemblances often neglects relative literary merit.

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Sklar, Robert. New York: Oxford University Press, Glenday, F. Scott Fitz As such, the book is written in an accessible style that generally favors situating the works biographically rather than in dense theoretical contexts. The darker aspects of the novel, such as violence, horror, brutality, exploitation and venality, are central to an appreciation of its message.

The Writing Style of F. Scott Fitzgerald

The chapter deftly interweaves biography with literary criticism, while providing historical context for the events of the novel, and offers close analysis of buried meanings held within some of the more challenging passages of the novel. Glenday shows how the novel offers many perspectives on and attitudes towards Hollywood, ultimately favoring a development of a deeper understanding of the film production center as the narrative unfolds, rather than simply dismissing it.

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Glenday acknowledges some of the formal weaknesses of the unfinished novel, but convincingly shows how the work can be read as an engagement with the origins of World War II contemporary to its writing through the figure of the hero. Works cited:. Matthew J. Bruccoli and Richard Layman. Gale Cengage, Labels: books , works. In Perspective. One of the things I loved about F. Scott Fitzgerald was the point of view he uses. As I researched it, I found that his point of view and narrative techniques were some of the most defining parts of his style.

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The Great Gatsby is viewed as his best literary work in part because the point of view was so effective. Fitzgerald used different points of view to help show his themes. The points of view convey the emotion of the times, but also show the reality of the times. His first novel, This Side of Paradise, is told by a third-person narrator, who is very much aware of what he is doing, and as much of an egotist as the main character Amory Blaine. I see I am starting wrong. Let me begin again. Throughout the novel, the choice to include all of Amory's poems is as much the narrator showing off as it is Amory.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Historical Fiction: WEST OF SUNSET with Stewart O’Nan

Scott Fitzgerald once said, "the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function. The story is told from the first-person point of view of Nick Carraway, who both participates in the Jazz Age lifestyle, and observes and judges it.

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Scott Fitzgerald uses point of view techniques to their fullest potential. Through the different points of view - even in the same novel- Fitzgerald portrays his characters and the world he lived in. One of the themes often present in Fitzgerald's work is a sense of living in illusion or becoming disillusioned. Pleasure was the goal of the Jazz Age, pursuing fame, wealth, and love through selfish means. Scott Fitzgerald writes of characters who are often under an illusion about the reality of what they are pursuing and the effects of their subsequent disillusionment.

Anthony Patch in The Beautiful and Damned desires to live "the good life".

The Fictional Technique of Scott Fitzgerald : James E. Miller :

Anthony and his wife live lavishly, with the expectation of an inheritance from his grandfather. In the course of the novel, Anthony is disinherited, and they realize their potential to make something of themselves is dwindling. In Tender is the Night , Dick Diver seeks happiness in spite of his troubled marriage.