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How to Revive Your Credit Score after a Short Sale

It was awarded in spring of Now, contractors have moved on to laying new exterior walls. That way, cash-strapped community groups are more likely to make their money back. Years of repairs are ahead. Navarro said last year that his goal was to rehab the property back to its prime and convert it into multi-family housing. But to do that, Navarro will need court approval. And for the CDC to make its money back, it depends on cooperation from property owner Santiago.

It was part of our goal. Things to Eat. Election New Philly food and drink. Philly Beer. The easy way to keep up with Philly news. Enjoy our work? Become a member. Become a sustainer.

Share Tweet Email. The Rail Park entrance was smashed up by a car after a seizure, officials say The stairway near 11th and Callowhill is out of commission. Things to Eat Is the best fried chicken brunch in Philly at a dance club? Radon enters homes through cracks in the foundation perimeter and basement walls, which are more common in older homes.

The gas then circulates throughout poorly ventilated houses over time.

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It can also involve installing multiple depressurization vents outside the house venting radon before it reaches the foundation , as well as negative-pressure fans that essentially blow radon from the basement or lowest level back into the soil. This can be an inexpensive way to see if you need to call in the professionals. Problem Older homes tend to have older, possibly deteriorating roofs.

What The Seller Can Do After A Homebuyer Backs Out

Problems stemming from a compromised roof, particularly once interior leaks begin occurring regularly, can cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix and may not be covered by homeowners insurance. Warning signs of potential roof issues include missing or damaged shingles, crumbling roof cement, bowed or sagging gutters, persistent moisture in the attic, evidence of water damage in the upper floors, and critters in the attic or upper crawlspaces. Steel roofs usually last 40 to 60 years, while copper roofs can last longer than years. Tile roofs last anywhere from 40 to years clay tiles tend to be on the lower end of the range, with stone and concrete on the higher end.

Stone roofs last years or more. On flat roofs, asphalt-gravel flat shingle material lasts 10 to 15 years. Rubber-coated roofs last up to 50 years. Thermoplastic olefin membrane, a high-tech, rubber-like option, also lasts about 50 years. If the roof is older or widely damaged, it makes long-term financial sense to replace the entire thing or at least one whole side.

Replacement costs vary greatly by material. There are plenty of roofing companies in every city.

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  • Finding the good ones is the hard part. HomeAdvisor has done all the research and they will be able to help you pick out the right company to install your new roof.

    Subprime mortgage crisis

    Problem Old homes are more likely to have older, inefficient windows. While judicious window replacement is often cited as one of the top home improvement projects to reduce long-term homeownership costs , super-efficient windows are very expensive. First, convenience: Unless their electrical systems have been updated, older homes lack sufficient numbers of electrical outlets to address our collective addiction to electronic devices.

    Do credit inquiries affect my FICO Score?

    Electrical service panels and circuit breakers are also prone to deterioration. Service panels last 60 or 70 years, while breakers last 30 or Failing panels and breakers can cause shock, power failure, fire, and other dangers. Solution Electrical work is dangerous and confusing for novices, so avoid taking the DIY route with your electrical project.

    A competent electrician can install a few breakers in an hour. Problem Old homes are more likely to have old mechanical equipment, such as water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units, as well as older household appliances. Mechanical and appliance lifespan varies by item, brand, and workload. On average, water heaters last 10 to 15 years, furnaces last 15 to 30 years, central air conditioning units last about 20 years, refrigerators last 15 to 20 years, and washers and dryers both last 10 to 15 years.

    Equipment near the end of its useful life is more prone to failure, raising the possibility of an inconvenient or dangerous situation — such as the heat going out in the dead of winter or an electrical fire — that needs to be addressed immediately. Moreover, older equipment is usually less energy-efficient, resulting in ballooning utility outlays. Solution Older homes with recently updated mechanical equipment and appliances typically fetch a premium. Mechanical and appliance replacement costs vary by item and brand. Set up an interest-bearing, FDIC-insured savings or money market account earmarked specifically for the project — my wife and I have.

    Problem Older homes typically have more than one previous resident, and sometimes a lot more. All those past homeowners have had license to do what they wished with the property. Before we bought our current house, my wife and I went to an open house at a year-old home with a half-finished basement curtain walls marking off two small side rooms with recently laid carpet, otherwise totally barren , half-finished screen porch the structure was built, but there were no screens or interior paint , and a literally transparent exterior paint job.

    The home had been purchased just a few months earlier for far less than the current asking price, suggesting the current owner had attempted to flip the house and had become overwhelmed. The cost of said fixes varies widely. A full kitchen update typically runs into five-figure territory, while replacing outdated moldings or rectifying a hideous interior paint job might cost just a few hundred. They can be unsafe, particularly for small children, and may provide access points for insects and rodents.

    Think twice about buying an older home with too many wonky updates or haphazard design touches, as they often disguise bigger problems. For instance, we found out later that the abandoned flip had serious foundation problems that would cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix. Solution Many jurisdictions are lenient about substandard or against-code features in owner-occupied residences, relative to rental or commercial properties. Some problems have straightforward, affordable solutions. For example, childproofing our steep staircase simply involves installing a latching door or child gate at the entrance.

    Do credit inquiries affect my FICO Score?

    Because most cities grow outward over time, older homes tend to be located closer to employer- and amenity-rich downtown cores. By contrast, newer owner-occupied homes tend to be built where land is cheapest — often on the edges of existing towns and cities. Big cities have plenty of newly built condos downtown or close by, and many rural homes are quite old. Such areas are also more likely to be connected to municipal infrastructure, such as sewer and water systems.

    By contrast, less-established neighborhoods tend to have less community engagement — particularly if the homes are very new and most residents are busy professionals without the time to engage their neighbors. Plus, newer subdivisions look bleak until newly planted trees and shrubs fill out. Depending on the building style and location, an older home may be constructed more solidly and durably than newer homes. This is particularly true for budget-friendly new homes in recent subdivisions, which are typically built by big companies with the ability to cheaply mass-produce the structures.

    Every poorly designed kitchen, unfinished basement, or non-landscaped yard is a project-in-waiting. Your budget is likely to limit the scope of your vision, particularly right after you move in. Even a charming, beautifully staged older home in a convenient, tight-knit neighborhood is likely to have some of the drawbacks mentioned above.

    How old is the home you currently live in? Would you consider buying an older home in the future? All Rights Reserved.

    Mortgage Modification and FICO Score Damage

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