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Lastly, there is a nicely done guide to purchasing your armies based upon what is already available in the Team Yankee miniatures range. This is a sourcebook that is typical of the clear, easily understandable style associated with Battlefront products. The use of photographs, flow charts, simple force diagrams and available options make this an easy book for gamers to use.

The coverage of the various weapons and their game stats is very good, although Syria gets a bit of a raw deal in my opinion. Search for:. My cart 0. Monday to Friday — GMT. New Customer?

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Sign up. Previous Next. The M60, makes that up with a lower cost, same gun, but lower armor. The original rulebook has lists for the US and Soviets. Those lists are reprinted and expanded in Stripes and Red Thunder, respectively.

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When Stripes was announced, players thought that it would include the Chapparel and Bradley. It included the former, but not the latter, and Battlefront refused to provide any sort of statement about the lack of the Bradley incidentally, they're repeating this tactic regarding the removal of the Hellcat from the new US Normandy book. Instead of the Bradley, we got the Sgt. York, which historically didn't work, and none of the players had asked for. And its presence caused the players from Russia to once again start complaining about the still missing but historically accurate T Compounding ithis was my realization that the rest of the book was largely an excuse to bring in models from the Vietnam range.

The rest of their kit was then provided to fill them out. Sheridans and Hueys were also in the Vietnam range, and so the 82nd Airborne list was added to allow their use. And then since the models were already being used by the Marines, the M60 and Humvee were also added to the Army lists. Now don't get me wrong. Double-use of models is fine. But the book release made me come to the conclusion that as a US Army player who wasn't running airborne , I was an afterthought when the book was written.

Plus, there's Battlefront's lack of communication on the Bradley. There's no reason why orhers shouldn't buy it, though. Another US book is supposed to come out before long third in line after British, and then Soviet , and is supposed to include the Bradley, M1A1, and Apache. A timeline advancement is involved to allow the latter two.

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Dakka 5. Member List. Recent Topics. Top Rated Topics. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Has Anyone Played this game called "Team Yankee" before? Subject: Advert. Togusa Committed Chaos Cult Marine.

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It's definitely not the right game for you then. It's billed as an Alt-History Fantasy game.

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I rather like the idea because I think the time frame was ripe for a major conflict, yet we somehow managed to avoid one. I'll let one of our players know, he's looking to run the French forces! I wish you great success! Humanoid Fresh-Faced New User. Elbows Awesome Autarch. Humanoid, I am also confused, could you clarify what you mean?

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Eumerin Executing Exarch. I also refused to buy the book I suspect it's very similar to FoW where you can "have" a lot of things which didn't really exist. Up until the Sgt. York, they'd been pretty good about that sort of thing. The next US book is going to get one more, though I'm actually okay with this one. The Stingray light tank was submitted as part of a US Army test for a new light mobile gun platform. Ultimately, the Army or possibly Congeress decided not to go ahead with the program. But the Stingray was a fully functional light tank.

So the Royal Thai Army bought a bunch of them in the '90s. Apparently they'll be in the next book under the idea that the wartime situation caused the US to go ahead with the program also, the Stingray was built using a number of components in common with existing US vehicles to ease manufacturing and supply chain issues. Well, for starters, its not a historical game. You know exactly what I mean. Prioritize unarmored ADA because a single hit will pin, and therefore shut down, the entire unit.

But even strikes on armored targets are worthwhile if you can achieve a bail or kill result. For the same reason, NATO players should also bring fire support assets if they have chosen to bring aviation. Indirect fire by any fire support units that can range will protect your aircraft and give them the chance to shoot this turn and come back for more later.

Place the objectives where he has to expose himself to defend them, set up a firing line of BMPs to destroy or at least attrit the forces on it and send the infantry in as a huge unstoppable wave to overrun the defenders. Set up the ground mounted AT to destroy light armor and prevent shifting vehicles from one objective to the other, and go to town.

The average player, when faced with such a plethora of targets, will shut down mentally, roll over on his back, and start twitching. Chris Jackson is a retired army major. He served 20 years, of which 42 months were spent in a combat zone. He has been playing Flames of War since and Team Yankee since it was released. He plays whenever and wherever he can get a game going.

Great article, really good information, will be trying to find the best way to use this information in my list building. More infantry for a start. I avoid the Leo1 altogether. It is too much of a glass cannon for my tastes. At the current level of 64, I will be running two infantry companies, one with , one with Marder, and plussing up the support units in the hopes I can use the artillery to root out any dug in WP troops.

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