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Global challenges. Sustainability embedded in our investment approach We invest in organisations that aim for a well-balanced mix between people, planet and profit. Our approach.

Impact Goals. Foundations and partnerships. Our Partners. Meet our Financial Inclusion Leadership team The team in charge of the Financial Inclusion strategy at Triodos Investment Management consists of more than 40 dedicated investment professionals across 17 nationalities. Start investing in impact. See our full product offering for investors Our funds. Course Orientation -You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment.

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The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course. Module 1: Raising Financing: The Capital Structure Decision -In Module 1, we will discuss the differences between debt and equity financing for corporations.


We will then learn how to avoid usual mistakes that people make when analyzing the choice between debt and equity. We will work with financial statements to understand the impact of higher debt on corporate profits, and we will learn how debt and risk are fundamentally related.

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Finally, we will use our knowledge to understand how companies choose how much debt to have. Module 2: Understanding Debt Financing and Payout Policy -In Module 2 we will dig deeper into the mechanics and the institutional details that are important to understand debt financing. We will discuss the roles of credit ratings and credit default swaps for debt markets. We will learn the importance of non-price contractual terms such as debt covenants, collateral and seniority.

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We will use this knowledge to understand how companies choose between bank debt and bond financing. Finally, we will discuss how payout decisions dividends and share repurchases affect firm value and how companies choose their optimal payout policy. Module 3: Risk Management -In Module 3 we will identify good and bad reasons why companies engage in risk management, or hedging.

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We will learn the mechanics of how to use derivatives such as forwards and futures to eliminate specific risks. We will also discuss how to manage risks that cannot be hedged with derivatives. In particular, we will learn that appropriate liquidity management can work as a substitute for hedging strategies. We will also discuss the financing of LBOs leveraged buyouts , and learn how to model a leveraged buyout using Excel.

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Course Conclusion -You will find out where to go next after completing this course and be able to share any thoughts you have on this course experience. Taught by Heitor Almeida. Tags corporate finance usa. Browse More Coursera Articles. Browse More Finance courses. Sign up for free.

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