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Discrimination at work: Tribunal or negotiate an exit package?

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The scope of the concept of discrimination is broadening because of European law and a newly adopted class action suit on discrimination in France in she wrote the first article in employment law on systemic discrimination comparing union membership, sex and age and the glass ceiling effect and the first article on multiple discrimination in employment law and its significance in the French context in light of K. Crenshaw's theory of intersectionality. She has written extensively on proof of discrimination in light of the innovative rules of evidence in civil law claims.

Her studies also show the construction of the person through the prism of equality and antidiscrimination law in the fields of long term care, guardianship, right to die issues and questions of workers' rights on an individual and systemic level. Her pragmatic approach leads to a critique on access to justice. A recent article, published as of February of , explores the emergence of a new discipline in private law: Anti-discrimination law with the adoption of the new class action suit in France and by analogy with Environmental Law.

Despite resistance in France, more familiar with the concept of equality, anti-discrimination law is emerging as a discipline as the findings from this area of study leads to a re-appraisal of certain categories in private law and contributes to the promotion of French law in a global world.

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