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Dragon Moon continues the story of the Dragonkeeper Ping, as she tries to fulfill her first dragon's wishes to care for his son, Kai, and take him to the Dragon Haven, where he can be raised by his own kind. When the story starts out Liu Che, Ping's former friend and the emperor of China , has his troops attacking the Duke of Yan's palace where Ping has been living for a year, because he believes that they kidnapped his former imperial dragon Kai.

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Meanwhile, Ping decides to wake Kai up from his winter hibernation for his safety, and finds that he has not only matured greatly in size, but knowledge as well. Ping leaves the palace with Kai to search for the Dragon Haven to further insure his safety. On the way, they find the emperor, Liu Che, wounded with a shard of Kai's dragon stone in his hand.

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He repents his crimes and decides to abandon his quest for immortality. At the morning, Ping refuses his offer of love and continues on her journey.


As they near the Great Wall of China, they are held hostage by imperial soldiers, who ignore her claim of being the Dragonkeeper. Kai and her are then rescued by barbarians, who also give them a horse.

On the way, she meets Jun, and together they find an old man, "Lao Long Zi", one of Danzi's former dragon keepers, at Tinkling Village. He brings them most of the way to Long Gao Yuan before dying. After getting there, however, Ping discovers only a heap of dragon bones from a massacre by dragon hunters.

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Ping and Kai are discouraged, and Kai refuses to leave. One day, a yellow dragon swoops down from the sky and carries Kai away.

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Ping stumbles towards the mountain in a half-dead state, until she too is picked up by the dragon not too gently , who also spits in her face, in order to hide the location of the Dragon Haven from her, and brought to the real, current dragon haven. There, she learns that many years ago, Hei Lei's dragon keeper had abandoned him for a woman, and that his girlfriend, in her old age, had then betrayed the location of the dragon haven to a band of dragon hunters for three pieces of gold. They had killed many of the dragons in hibernation.

From huge, world destroying creatures, to smaller, more docile beings, and from evil, coarsely scaled behemoths, to friendly, serpentine beasts.

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